La Monarca

Puebla, Mexico


La Monarca is a fair-trade design studio founded by Celia Ruiz which is based in Puebla, Mexico. Celia collaborates with artisans from across Mexico to develop textile designs for today based on millenary techniques and aesthetics. Our collection of wool huipils, ponchos and shawls come from Nahua villages in the Puebla mountains of eastern Mexico.

The collection is made on both backstrap and pedal looms from local wool that the women of the community tend themselves. Each piece is embroidered by hand with creole wool dyed with natural dyes made of indigo, cochineal, cempasúchil flowers, wild walnut, lichens, and mamey fruit. Embroidery designs reflect traditional Nahua iconography such as the tree of life, the four elements, flora and fauna of the Nahua mountains, and animals that represent totems of their ancestors.

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