Press Release

Press Release
With Heritage by Hand, Heidi Mackinnon takes her museum experience to
the retail arena mixing her personal interests in cultural preservation and
environmental sustainability.

During the great pause, Heritage by Hand opened its doors in Sena Plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico, capturing the spirit of the land in a carefully curated selection of handmade home and fashion products. As described by its founder Heidi Mackinnon, “Heritage by Hand is a lifestyle brand that promotes the importance of the handmade in our lives. My approach to the selection has evolved out of a deep respect for both culture and environment developed over decades of work as a curator and advocate in collaboration with traditional communities throughout Latin America. The shapes, colors, and textures
of the natural world are the foundation of everything we stand for. I believe that pieces crafted by hand of organic materials for our bodies or our homes can enhance our wellbeing. HBH aims to elevate the work we represent with a singular respect for the cultures and people that make it and the life they breathe into it. HBH favors long term relationships with partner artisans so that impact can be sustained and they can maintain their at-risk, deep-rooted cultural heritage.”

Heritage by Hand is the winner of Small Business of the Year by the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce as a recognition for its carbon off-setting strategy in partnership with Trees of New Mexico and Climeworks, as well as its approach to cultural preservation establishing long-term relationships with artisan partners.
At Heritage by Hand you can find fashion and home pieces such as timeless alpaca scarves from Chile; bellota baskets from Panamá; wall-art installations; embroidery ponchos from Hueyapan, Puebla; ceramics from Michoacán; hammocks from Yucatán, home textiles from Oaxaca and Chiapas; upcycled wood tabletop pieces; and indigo pillows, throws and table wear from India. Every product at HBH is handmade using natural materials.

Thank you for sharing the spirit of Heritage by Hand!