About Heritage By Hand 

Heritage By Hand is a socially-responsible lifestyle brand dedicated to collaborating with master artists from around the globe to develop and promote sustainable clothing, accessory and home product lines made by hand from natural, organic and upcycled materials. Heritage will offer these products for sale in both retail and online shops.


Our mission is to collaborate with master artisans from around the globe to create jobs, increase incomes, enrich and safeguard cultural heritage, and promote sustainable development that respects the uniqueness of people and place by bringing their products and stories to the global market.


  • To promote respect for indigenous cultures and their traditions as they remain dynamic in today's world. 
  • Strengthen economies and cultures through Intentional Consumption by bringing low-impact, heritage products with long life cycles to our local market.  


  • We celebrate and strengthen culture through responsible and fair trade practices.
  • Sales impact the lives of our artists, their communities and their environments and we are dedicated to telling those stories.
  • We do not exist separate from our environment and that is reflected in our decisions and our products.
  • We create a carbon positive world through every choice that we make.
  • We increase knowledge about indigenous cultures and timeless handmade techniques through storytelling and presentations.
  • We are dedicated to a carbon-neutral supply chain by tracking and off-setting the footprint of our business and products.