Antigua, Guatemala


Olga Reiche has a long trajectory working with textiles in Guatemala. She has worked to develop artisan cooperatives during the internal conflict in Guatemala for which she had to live in exile in Mexico for years. She has written the definitive book about natural dye plants in Guatemala and regularly conducts dyeing workshops. Her design workshop in Antigua works with communities across the country to develop her innovative textile brand that employs materials such as upcycled plastics, cassette tapes, jeans and t-shirts.

Indigo is a lifelong passion of Olga’s and her work mastering the technique of indigo dye is evident in everything she does. Her collection for Heritage includes upcycled plastic shopping bags woven into handsome tote bags and pouches, scarves made with recycled jeans, and light gauze huipils made with a pijbil style of weaving only seen in Alta Verapaz.

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